A Biblical Framework For Racial Reconciliation

Led by the Rev'd Dr. Esau McCauley

Scripture shows us that God's plan is to reconcile all of his people - people from every nation, every tribe, and every tongue - around his heavenly throne. But we aren't simply called to wait for that moment. Christians are called to seek out that unity today. In this workshop, Fr. Esau McCaulley will explore a Biblical framework for multiethnicity, and discuss ways that Christians can help bring about reconciliation in a culture that has been fractured by ethnic and political division. 

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Sharing Faith through Relationships

Led by Pastor David McNeely

Disciples are called to a life that shares the Gospel of Christ. Many of us acknowledge this at some level but we wrestle with feeling unprepared, or we struggle with previous experiences that didn't go as we'd hoped. This workshop will focus on an approach to sharing Christ that isn't fabricated, but instead happens in the context of real relationships. Pastor McNeely will share the scriptural importance of sharing our faith, along with practical ways that we can share Christ with people whom Christ has already placed in our lives. 

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Discipling Children with the Gospel of Grace

Led by Jessica Thompson

All of us want to raise "good" kids. And we want to be good parents. But what exactly do we mean by “good?” And is “being good” really the point? Jessica Thompson is an author, speaker, and mother of three whose passion is to see children fundamentally shaped by the Gospel of Grace. This workshop will provide teaching and resources to help disciple our children through a loving, joyful relationship with Christ that is grounded in His grace. It's through this sort of relationship that our children can learn to obey God's will - not through fear of being "bad," but out of the joy of being loved and accepted by their gracious God. 

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The Book of Common Prayer: A Daily Devotion

Led by The Rev'd Andrew Rowell

We often struggle to find the guidance and resources we need in order to foster a life of regular scripture reading and prayer. Many of us have tried countless reading plans, devotionals, apps, and more. But the Anglican Tradition offers us something that has stood the test of 500 years - the Book of Common Prayer. In this workshop, Fr. Andrew will illustrate how the BCP provides a daily rhythm of prayers and scripture readings that can be incorporated into our everyday lives.

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Local Outreach: Discipleship is a Life of Service

Led by Charlene Acceturo

When we look at Jesus' ministry and how he shaped his disciples, we see that the majority of their time was spent out in the local area (Galilee) serving, loving, healing, and preaching. Certainly, the disciples were not totally prepared for all these things, but Jesus taught them along the way. As Christ's disciples today, we must remember this - Christ shapes his disciples amidst a life of service in our local community. In this workshop, Charlene will give a scriptural basis for understanding local engagement with our community as an essential part of a disciple's life, and will offer practical resources to live into this call. 

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The Eucharistic Life

Led by The Rev'd Dr. Michael Petty

Every Sunday, the central element of our worship is the Eucharist, when we receive the body and blood of Christ. From that sacrament, we are then commissioned to go out into the world "in peace to love and serve the Lord". This workshop will help to identify some common misconceptions about the Eucharist, explain how the Eucharist shapes the whole of a disciple's life, and offer ways to more fully participate in the Eucharist from week to week.

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Disagreement in a Culture of Conflict

Led by Dr. Daniel Miller

In our current culture, we find disagreement nearly everywhere we look. For Christians this is especially the case. As the values of our society become increasingly "post-Christian," Christian belief is not simply seen as obsolete, but sometimes as hateful and bigoted. In this workshop, Dr. Daniel Miller will discuss how can we can engage a post-Christian world in a way that reflects the love, patience, and truth of Christ. This workshop will help us to see  (i) mistaken assumptions this culture has about Christianity, (ii) common fallacies in reasoning, and (iii) the importance of understanding how one’s own beliefs relate to Christ and Holy Scripture. To this end, we will be discussing questions concerning abortion, same-sex marriage, and transgender issues.

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Discipling Youth into Christ-Centered Adulthood

Led by The Rev'd Steven Tighe

We've heard the saying, "it takes a village to raise a child." When it comes to the discipleship of our middle and high school students, this is absolutely the case. Parents are called to be priests in the home, but neighbors, peers, family members, and members of their church family all have a life-long impact on their personal maturity and devotion to Christ. In this workshop, Fr. Tighe will look at what it looks like to shape disciples in their most formative years of development (Middle and High School), and how both their immediate family and their family of faith can serve to that end.

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