Keynote: Mark Galli

Mark Galli is the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today. His time is dedicated to editing, writing, and speaking about the extraordinary grace that can be found “in, with, and under” a life of Christ-centered discipleship. Prior to Christianity Today, he was the editor for Leadership Journal and Christian History. Mark has also served in corporate consulting (editorial and strategic), and is Anglican by denomination.

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The Rev'd Dr. Esau McCaulley

Fr. Esau McCaulley has served as pastor at All Souls Episcopal/Anglican Church in Okinawa, Japan; assistant to the pastor at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Portsmouth, VA; and assisting priest at All Saints Episcopal Church in St. Andrews, Scotland. He recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of St Andrews where he studied under the direction of N.T. Wright. His research and writing focuses on Pauline theology and the intersection of race, Christian identity, and the pursuit of social justice. He currently serves as assistant professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, NY and authors the blog, "Thicket of the Jordan". He is also the director of the Anglican Multi-ethnic Network, an organization dedicated to helping nurture and plant Anglican churches that reflect the diversity of their local community. 

Esau's Workshop: A Biblical Framework for Racial Reconciliation

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